In part one I went over the process of getting synchronizing your contacts in Zoho CRM with MS Outlook.  In part 2 I will go over the process of getting your contacts that are now in Outlook into D-Tools SI5.

  1. Start the New Project Wizard in SI5
  2. Manually enter the Client field, it should = the Account field in Zoho and the Project Name
  3. Click the Import button, this will open another dialog box with all of your Outlook contacts, choose the appropriate contact.  You will get this annoying dialog box before you can import the contact.  Click Allow, click Next.
  4. Manually enter the site address if different from the billing address.  Hit Next
  5. Manually enter the billing address if different from the address in Outlook or use the Copy site address function.  Hit Next.
  6. Add any other contact information needed from this project by using the import function as described above.  Remember you can put people into pre-defined groups like Architect, Electrician and so on.  Hit Next.
  7. That is it, you are done!

As I mentioned previously this is not an ideal interface but we will improve the interface between D-Tools and Outlook in the next release of SI5 and sometime “soon” we will have a seamless integration between Zoho CRM and D-Tools SI.

Known bugs, issues and future enhancements

  1. This is a one way process, if you make a change to the contact in D-Tools or in Outlook the changes will not be synced.  However changes are synced in the link between Zoho CRM and Outlook.
  2. We will add the ability to search and sort by company name as well as contact name when importing from Outlook to D-Tools
  3. We will eliminate the Outlook access UI
  4. The company name of the contact in Outlook is comming over as Address 1 in Step 2 of the New Project Wizard.  This will be fixed in the next release.