Over the past few years, SI users have asked me “how to add a Signature Script” to their reports, so it will print a signature for each sales person on their proposal reports. There are basically two ways to do this. One is by using an image of each user’s signature, and another is to use a generic signature script. Both options are simple customization requirements, and on this blog, we will cover both methods.


This blog will cover three sections:

  1. Adding the Signature as an image file | Steps 1 through 11
  2. Adding the Signature as a Generic Font, using the “Assigned To” datafield | Steps 12 through 18
  3. Adding the “Run Date” to automatically fill in the date

Important: Once you finish editing your report, click on “Publish”.


1- Open the Standard Report Designer (Start -> Reports -> Standard Report Designer)

2- If you want to add a signature to:

A) An existing Custom Report, click on “Open” and select your Custom Report.

B) A new Custom Report, click on “New”, then select “New Report Based on an Existing Report”, and select the report you want to use as the basis of your Custom Report. In this example, I created a new report based on the Proposal Report. The name of this new report is “Proposal with User’s Signature”.

3- Click Next/Finish to open the report on the “Designer Mode”.


4- Scroll down to the signature section, as shown below:

5- Let’s cover “Adding a signature image” first. For this method, select the “Picture” from the ToolBox:

6- Drag and Drop the “Image” to a location above the “Contractor Signature Line”. It will look similar to the image below:


7- Adjust the “Image Box” to better fit on the report, as shown below:


8- With the “Image Box” selected, go to the Properties, and click on the “search” button as shown below:


9- Search for the Signature file.

10- Change the “Size Mode” attribute to Zoom, as shown below:


11- The Signature will look like this:


12- To add a Generic Signature, we recommend using the <Assigned to> data field. This is more simple than it sounds.

13- Under the “Data Explorer”:

A- Expand the Bound XML

B- Expand the dtr:DToolsReport

C-Expand the dtr:Project


14- Scroll down the list and select the dtr:AssignedTo as shown below:


15- Drag and Drop to the section above the signature line, as shown below. Please note I have deleted the Signature Image Box.

16- Expand and adjust as needed as demonstrated on Step 7

17- Change the Font to match your choice. A “Script” font usually works well.


18- To add the date, do the following:

A- Copy the <Run Date> from the Signature section, as shown below:

B- Paste it above the “Date” as shown below:


C- Go to Properties and change the color to Black, as shown below:


D- Go to the Script Section, then line 1095

E- Copy the lines below:

Dim dt As new Date

ReportUtilities.SetTextBoxValue(rpt, “grpSummaryDetail”, “TextBox1”, dt.Today.ToString(“d”))

F- Paste on lines 1097 and 1099, (exactly) as shown below:

G- The Signature and the Run Date will print like this:


Please Publish your Report when you finish editing. You can share with other users by clicking on: Start -> Reports -> Manage Reports -> Export -> Server.