stackWe often get asked about whether the Scope of Work or if the contract gets printed on the “proposal”. The answer is “no”, and that surprises many of our users, but that is just a mismatch in the definition of “proposal”. What they are referring to is the complete “proposal package”, while the Proposal reports in SIX are stand-alone line item reports. A proposal package might consist of a cover page, a scope of work, a summary, the line item section, and then a contract. This can be accomplished with Report Groups in SIX. Report Groups in SIX give you the ability to create one report out of many, whether you are using the stock SIX reports or your own custom reports.

Here is a tip regarding the cover page when using Report Groups. All of the Proposal reports in SIX have a built-in cover page, which is nice for printing the report by itself, but not if you want to use it in a Report Group when it is not the first report in the group. You will use the stand-alone Cover Page report instead. There is no need to create a custom report with the cover page removed, you simply need to create a new Report Definition that does not display the cover page on the Proposal report.

Right-click the report you wish to add to your Report Group and select New->Report Definition:

new definition

Name your report and select the grouping(s) you wish to use. In this example I chose to group the report by Location, then by System:

by location by system

On the Parameters tab, check the “Hide cover page?” option and save.

hide cover page

Then when you create a Report Group, choose this Report Definition so you don’t get an additional cover page in the middle of your report:

new report grouping