I am certain that several of our clients have run into this issue while trying to get some work done on a Saturday or late at night. They go to log into SI5 and it says that the license is in use on another machine, when it really isn’t. The correct procedure calls for a Release Code from technical support, but there is no one there and you need to work, so here is a work around, but it does have its downfalls. Before I tell you how to do this I must warn you of some possible issue you can face. The issue deals with checked out projects. If the user who is consuming the license has a project checked out, you may lose any changes they have made since they checked out this project. This is because his User ID will have changed and you will have to perform a Force Undo Check Out. If you use a good check in process then this should not be a concern. Like I said, this workaround should only be used if absolutely necessary.

To release the license without a release code, you will delete the user that is consuming it, then recreate the user exactly the same.

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License 355 is in use by text


Remove the user text


Recreate the user exactly the same


Notice the License is no longer In Use


Reassign the user text to License 355 and now you are good to go.

Again, please contact support during regular business hours (8am – 8pm EST Monday – Friday, closed for major holidays) for the release code. This work around should only be used during our off hours if absolutely needed.

Michael Pothier
Technical Support Representative
Atlanta Office