If you are getting this error, please see the instructions below to fix it.

i/o studio error

This is how you fix it.

This is caused by a duplicate entry in your Signal, Terminal, or Label list. We’re working on a complete answer, but here are the basic steps to take to resolve this:

1. Go to MMPD > Administration > I/O lists

2. Select Terminal, Label, and Signal (one at a time) from the drop-down.

3. Clean the lists to look for duplicates. Specifically, make sure there are no leading spaces in any of these 3 lists. You’re looking for entries that are identical except for a leading space. For example ” BNC” and “BNC”.

Note: Normally any labels, signals or terminals with leading spaces should sort to the top of the list in MMPD and can be removed easily.

Removing the duplicates from these lists allows I/O Studio to run.

As mentioned previously, we’re still investigating and will update everyone with more information when done, but the steps above work for the people we’ve helped with this so far.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

Michael Pothier
Technical Support Representative
Atlanta Office