So you’ve finished your drawing.  All the devices and in the right places and all the wires are in the right places.  Everything is perfect, however you are missing one major component, an icon legend.  Luckily for you, your friendly neighbor D-Tools Support technician is here to save the day.  In this blog, I will guide you through the creation of an icon legend. While there is a knowledge base post about this, which will be linked at the end of this post, we will be creating an icon legend from scratch.

To begin this process we will need to create a test project.

Click Start>Projects>New Project.

In the Project Name field input “Legend Project” and for the client use “Test”.

Click Save.

The Project Editor will open up.  Close this window and when prompted to check the project in, click No.

Right-click the project and select Open in Visio>New Drawing.

For this example we will choose the 11×8.5 page size.

Click OK.

Once the drawing opens up, click on the Plan view tab.

Click on the Box icon to create a Visio box shape.  We will be using this as the grid for our legend.  We will also need to use the line shape to create some division between the components in our legend.

Line Shape:

Once the grid is created, we will need to drag our shapes into the grid. Click on the Shapes tab in the D-tools Drawing Add In and drag the desired shapes into the drawing.  You will have to choose a product, however since this is a test project the product does not matter.

Once the shapes are in the desired location, click the Visio text box icon on the Home tab and place it in the desired location on the grid.

Once the legend is complete, click and drag to select al components.  Right-click and select Group>Group.  Please make sure you have the Pointer Tool selected.


Now we need to add this shape to a stencil.  Click on the Shapes tab via the D-Tools Drawing Add In.  Right-click the stencil and select Open Stencil. In the example I am adding it to the DT Annotations stencil.

Right-click the name of the stencil and select Edit Stencil.

Click and drag the icon legend from the drawing into stencil.

Right-click the name again and select Edit Stencil, then click on the Save icon.

The icon legend will now be available for you to use in the future.

 Editing the Icon Legend Shape.