Project Open in Another Application

Error Message: When trying to open up project in SI5



  • Closed the navigator with out closing the project first. Close project then navigator.
  • D-tools crashes while the project is open
  • Someone else has the project open or checked out or didn’t close the program correctly.
  • .mdb file is automatically created when a project is open and automatically closes when the project is closed. If the project is closed incorrectly or the program crashes, then this file is not deleted properly. Thus, when you try to open the project the .mdb file already exists, so the program thinks that the file is already open.

Fix: Go to your Local Projects folder and navigate into the project that you are having this issue with and delete the access file with the extension .mdb.

XP: C:\My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects.

VISTA: C:\Users\username\Documents\D-Tools SI 5 Projects


Michael Pothier
Technical Support Representative
Atlanta Office