Several of our customers have asked if they can run/print multiple reports at the same time. Yes, and in D-Tools, this feature is called “Report Groups”. This is very useful while creating a proposal along with the Scope of Work and Contract reports. The Report Groups runs and combines multiple reports into one “report” document, allowing you to provide just one pdf file to your customer. The steps to create a Report Groups are very simple and intuitive.

The Report Groups allow you to save time by creating report “packages” consisting of multiple reports. All reports are automatically concatenated into one file by default, creating a “combined report”. Report Groups are set up in the Report Explorer interface:




Here you can add/edit/delete Report Groups. The Add Reporting Group form allows you to enter a Name and Description for the Group, as well as select which reports you want to add to the Group.


When you check a Report in the list, it automatically is added to the Selected Reports section. Use the Left/Right arrow keys to add/remove additional reports to the Group. Use the Up/Down arrows to put the Reports in the order you want them:


You can use the Page Display dropdown to select your preferences for each Report Group:


The  Report Settings for Report Groups are shown below:


And finally, to run a Report Group from the Project Explorer or the Project Editor, you will find them listed under the Other button on the Ribbon:


You can also share Groups with other users via the Import/Export Reports functions.