I have had a couple of clients run into this issue, so I decided to write up a blog about it. As many of us aware, our development team is focusing on the next version of SI and so there are no updates scheduled for SI5. Which is why we want to make our users aware of all the workarounds they may need.

The issue in which I am referring to is not necessarily a bug, but more an unfortunate side effect. Due to some problems with SI4 shapes, we decided to completely recreate all the shapes for SI5 and with that, some of the properties were changed causing this issue. When you have a schematic drawing in SI4 and decide to show only the connection points and then import it into SI5 it gets thrown out of whack.

Adjusting to show only connection points

The result of showing only connection points

When you import it to SI5, it expands and leaves the wires connected to the bottom of the shape, no matter what I/O it is. You also lose the ability to condense it.

The result in SI5

The only workarounds are to either re-drop the shape with the SI5 schematic shape, re-connect all the wires, or prior to importing expand the shape to show all the connection points. When you import into SI5 the shapes remain the original SI4 shapes and thus lose the ability to collapse and only show the connection points, if you would like this ability you will have to re-drop the shape with the SI5 version. While these workarounds seem less than perfect, it is the only way. Hopefully in future releases this will be resolved. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Michael Pothier

Technical Support Representative

Atlanta Office