I have some great Wire features to announce that build on our previous blog post “Additional New Wire Shape” by Steve Collard. In the previous post Steve announced some new wire shape features. The benefits of that new wire shape were that the ComponentID can be displayed at both ends of the wire and the Line Pattern can be linked wire “Type”.

Now I’m pleased to introduce a new beta Wire Shape with even more enhanced features. This new functionality is based on the Wire “Phase” and correlates to specific Line End on the Wire. In this example, I set up five Phases: Finish, Rack Build, Rough-In, Trim and Custom. Now, just by looking at the wire you can determine the “Type” based on its Line Pattern and also it’s Phase based on the Wire Line End.  Also, if a wire is not set to a Wire Phase it will be drop with the default Line End number 14 which is an Empty Arrow. For any questions please contact Vic Cespedes at victorc@d-tools.com.

Click here to try “the NEW Beta shape” and follow the steps:

  • Download the stencil. This is a zip file named “Wire and Cable – New Beta Wires.zip”.
  • Unzip the file to the following location:

XP – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\D-Tools\SI5\Visualizations\Stencils    

Vista/Win7 – C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SI5\Visualizations\Stencils

  • Open a Visio project file and you will see the stencil listed under our Custom section of your Stencil Tree.
  • Drag any of the  “New Beta Wire” shapes to a schematic page and select a product from your database.

Stencil Content:

Wire and Cable – New Beta Wires

  • New Beta Finish W/Mod+Id & Type+Phase
  • New Beta Finish Wire & Type+Phase
  • New Beta Wire Double ComponentID
  • New Beta Wire Double ComponentID & Type+Phase

NOTE: If you would like to use one of the NEW Beta shapes and to automatically associate it to all your wire products as the “Finish Wire”. All you need to do is to rename your “Finish Wire” shape within your Wire and Cable stencil. Then copy the NEW Beta shape and paste it to the Wire and Cable stencil and rename it as “Finish Wire”.