Price Adjustments button When you need to add a fee or discount to a project, you can use Price Adjustments to automatically calculate it based on the project totals. Price Adjustments add or subtract a percentage based on the Equipment and Labor totals for a project. It can be used to easily apply a discount to a project for a loyal customer. Use it to account for consumables on a project. Quickly add markup to labor to cover administration fees.


There are three Price Adjustment fields: Product, Misc. Parts, and Labor.

The amounts entered into these fields can be positive or negative, rendering a fee or discount, respectively. Product and Misc. Parts Adjustments are applied to Equipment only. Labor Adjustment is applied to Labor only.

Manage Price Adjustments

The percentage entered will be added to or subtracted from the Equipment total or Labor total of the project. For example: If the Equipment total is $1000 and the Product Adjustment is set to 10%, there will be an addition of $100 to the project. This amount will display on reports in the summary section. There is no line item displayed on the report or in the project for Price Adjustments.

Price Adjustment in Summary

Price Adjustments can be set globally or on a per project basis. Go to Start > Setup > Control Panel and scroll down to the Project section to set global defaults. In the Project Editor, click Settings > Price Adjustments to set it for a project.


Price Adjustments by Phase

Price Adjustments can be overridden by phase. This allows you to set a specific price adjustment for each phase, which can be set globally or on a per project basis.

Override Price Adjustments per Phase

This setting will only affect items in the specified phase. The Price Adjustments for the project will still apply to the other items in the project.


Report Settings

The total amount of Price Adjustments display in the summary section of reports. The name that displays on reports can be changed in the Report Settings in the Custom Descriptions section.

Price Adjustment Descriptions

Instead of “Product Adjustment”, you will see your custom description displayed.

Price Adjustment Display Name


Discounts per Product Item

Discounts can be set on a per item basis, and can be a positive or negative amount. The percentage discount entered here will apply to this product only. The Net Unit Price field displays the Unit Price with the discount calculated.

line item discount

To set the discount percentage for multiple products at a time, use the Mass Update function. The discount total does not display in the report summary section by default. However, if you want it to display there is a parameter that you can turn on.

Discount parameter

Modify the Report Definition by right-clicking and selecting “Edit Report Definition”, to turn on the parameter.

Discount in Summary

To change the name that displays on the report for Discount, modify the Report Settings.

For more information about Price Adjustments and other settings, visit our SIX Documentation site.