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D-Tools Announces Release of SI5.5 Service Pack 3

01/10/2011 – 11:47 am | Comments Off on D-Tools Announces Release of SI5.5 Service Pack 31,317 views
D-Tools Announces Release of SI5.5 Service Pack 3

D-Tools releases SI5.5 SP3 to all customers on January 18th, 2011. SP3 adds enhancements and bug fixes to continue support of our customers business processes.

The D-Tools/Zoho CRM System – Lead Conversion Process

11/03/2008 – 3:06 pm | 2 Comments | 2,194 views

Introduction here: So far I have spent most of my time re-engineering our Zoho CRM system on the Leads side of the process. Before I started I thought we had a pretty good system but I noticed some pretty serious gaps and have worked hard to correct them and refine the process. At this point I am very happy with the Leads aspect of the system and more importantly the sales team is happy as well. In fact the new processes are already generating revenue and positive customer feedback.

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

10/22/2008 – 1:02 pm | Comments Off on Not All Leads Are Created Equal1,093 views

I just read this post, Not All Leads are Created Equal by Bob Brauer, President of StrikeIron a Data as a Services software company. I thought it was interesting and relevant because he came up with a formula for scoring leads similar to my Pre-Qual score approach as documented in this post on Explaining the D-Tools CRM System – Lead Management.

Deconstucting the D-Tools/Zoho CRM System – The D-Tools Email Marketing Engine

10/17/2008 – 2:53 pm | Comments Off on Deconstucting the D-Tools/Zoho CRM System – The D-Tools Email Marketing Engine1,106 views

Introduction here: For the most part I have spent the last five weeks in front of my computer, listening to Sirius Radio (The Vault), eating seeds (Art’s Sunflower and Pumpkin) and deconstructing the D-Tools/Zoho CRM system. In tough economic times sometimes the only thing you can do is to fine tune your internal business processes to stay ahead. This has the double advantage of making your company more competitive and efficient and when the economy improves (it always does) you will be in position to immediately capitalize on it. But before you can fine tune your processes you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Deconstucting the D-Tools/Zoho CRM System – The D-Tools Lead Qualifying Engine

10/15/2008 – 6:10 pm | 2 Comments | 3,009 views

Introduction here. I changed the title of this series from Explaining the D-Tools Zoho CRM system to Deconstructing the D-Tools Zoho CRM System because I realized that as I was trying to explain it I was tearing it apart an re-configuring it as I was explaining it. Just the act of explaining it made me realize it could be improved. In fact that explains my silence for the past few weeks. I have been deep inside our system trying to make it more reliable, easier to use, easier to explain, more accurate and ultimately more productive for all the users.