As many people often do at the beginning of a new year, I was reflecting on the past 12 months. 2007 was a year of many changes and growth at D-Tools, from the release of our latest version of System Integrator, SI5 to many internal organization changes – each one geared towards improving how we go about our business – which is making software that improves our customers’ business.

Change is never easy – there are always adjustments to be made, some things work while others may not fit, etc. As we set about releasing our newest version we had made changes in our product development process, we had made changes in staff and on our executive team, naming Corey Krehel as our CTO. Corey and I share many of the same experiences from our years working in the software industry, and I truly enjoy working with him. The engineering team was charged with moving the software forward, which meant making improvements not only in functionality but in the look and feel, making some things more obvious, and trying to make it easier for new users get up and running with the software.

I believe we have suceeded in releasing the best version of System Integrator ever, and we need to acknowledge the help and input that we have received from loyal customers that have been using the software since version 1.0. We continue to release updates to the software on a regular basis, adding feature enhancements and new functionality along with alays working on stability to ensure that software performs as it should.

What continues to drive us as a company and even in our individual teams internally at D-Tools is that we are all very passionate about what we do. The product team is obsessed with making the software better with every new release, our sales team has personal relationships with almost every one of our customers – (it is still actually possible to do this) – and we really want our customers to be successful and rave about their experiences with not only the software, but with us as a company. As a marketer at heart, I am always excited to talk about our software and the value proposition that we bring to our customers – that we can help you make more money and save you time so you can actually enjoy it.

We know that there will be issues from time to time – with software there are always things that occur that are difficult to plan for – new configurations, network issues, crashes happen. But the culture at our company is one where we do really try to listen to our customers and make things right whenever we can. We often work with our cutomers to hear their success stories – and we’re genuinely pleased when we go to a show and our customers come up and let us know when we’re doing a good job. Of we also listen when they tell us they’re not pleased – but that’s when the real growth and positive change starts.

I’m often called a glass half-full guy. I tend to look at the positive side of most issues. But it is true when I say that we have a great company culture and team here at D-Tools. We all enjoy our work but also take it very seriously – success is not just a goal, it’s a very powerful motivator. So as I look at 2008 I can’t help but be excited about the many opportunities for growth in the coming year. Our product team is already hard at work on the next version, we’re gearing up for a re-design of our website (stay tuned), we’ve got some great new training and support offerings to further benefit our customers, and we’re looking for 2008 to be among our best years ever.

-Tim Bigoness