Getting to the right people with the right message at the right time is the goal of every marketer. But how do you keep the message fresh when hitting the same targets month after month?

We’ve tried to approach this challenge with adding humor to our monthly email messages. While we always want to make sure that we drive home the value of our software – we do help our customers increase their revenues and reduce their time and costs – sometimes having a theme that highlights a season or something unexpected can help keep your marketing top of mind.

For example, tracking the actual point where the customer makes a purchase decision is a feature of many CRM packages, and if used diligently can produce the metrics that help justify marketing programs and expenditures. But more often than not, it is the cumulative effect of constant messages that triggers the customer to take that final step and decide to buy.

We’ve designed our email promotions to keep us top-of-mind and provide “air-cover” in support of our Sales team’s direct to customer efforts. To keep our ideas fresh each month, we may take a familiar theme and add a humorous twist, or borrow from pop-culture to create an entertaining message. With the amount of email marketing that we all receive every day, we have tried to create messages that will break through the clutter and at least provide a chuckle or two before ending up in the deleted file.

We’ve had some positive response from our customers on our approach, and we have a remarkably low opt-out rate. Here are some examples of what I call our goofy email promos – these help keep my team engaged while continuing to hone our message, and provide our customers with some fun at least once a month.

Valentine’s Day Promo

President’s Day Promo

Hot Summer Deals Promo

We improved the look and feel from those first promos to have a bit more room to work with. We started receiving positive comments from our customers and the coupon idea for the give-aways seemed to work, so we atarted adding more ideas to the mix, and realized that a decent giveaway was just icing on the cake for a purchase that our customers were realizing that would help their business.

Football Season Promo

Rocktober Promo

And this one actually elicited a response from a customer stating that while he enjoyed our monthly messages, this was the one that finally got him to make the move. He was a huge George Romero fan and our Halloween promo got him to take action:

Halloween Promo

This promo resonated with the customer and we can directly tie this promotion to action – but it was the culmination of multiple messages that provided the opportunity for this one to generate the positive response.

We’ll look at how advertising, trade shows, and PR also re-inforce timing in our next post.