It’s been a while since my last post and there is a very good reason…We’re busy right now. Actually we’re really busy right now. In fact, we have been very busy for the past couple of years – we have been stretching our development team by working on three major initiatives: #1) Expanding and improving our Data infrastructure and process; #2) Building our Cloud infrastructure (see #1 – our Data infrastructure is part of this); and #3) developing the next version of our on-premise flagship product System Integrator -SIX (which takes advantage of #1 & #2) and is a major release.

As we roll towards the release of SIX (we will have more details on dates and availability soon) we have made significant improvements across the board and have geared this release to be a key part of the foundation for the future. This release will leverage our new and improved Data infrastructure and will focus on speed and efficiency for the main functionality of our solution: Estimation, System Design, and Project Management. We’re pleased to begin our series of sneak previews of SIX – this first video will take a quick walk through the new UI and subsequent videos will expose more of the solution and offer looks at where we’re heading.

We will be providing more details around availability and how to participate in our Beta program soon, along with additional videos highlighting new features and functionality. Stay tuned!