OK. Holidays over? Check. Decorations down? Check. Back to work? Check.

January is tough. Yes I know that there is playoff football, and all the TV shows come back from reruns, but it always seems to take a little while to get the engines back up to speed after a frantic end of year finish. At least that what it feels like to me.

Motivation is an interesting thing. It is intensely personal;  sure there are some general categories: money, prestige, love, self-worth, revenge, etc. – but everyone has their own trigger for either going for it, staying the course, or retreating into the background.

As the resident optimist around here (it has been well documented….) I do always try to kick the year off on a positive note. My motivation for this is twofold:

1)      I always feel like there is something better just around the corner

2)      I try not to let setbacks (personal & professional) stop me from achieving my goals.

Which brings us to what I believe is the single biggest factor behind motivation – a goal. Something to strive for, to work towards, to achieve – without goals we just exist – not really moving forward, just kind of floating along, and ultimately not doing anything meaningful.

Which brings us back to January. For many it is a very busy month indeed. The Consumer Electronics Show kept many companies in our industry very busy right through the holidays preparing for the show which officially kicked off today.  It is also the time to really plan for the year ahead and set some company and department-specific goals.

We are very busy working on our goals for 2012, and our company goals center around 2 major initiatives:

1)      Continue to provide a best of breed platform for the system integration business process:

  1. Launch the next version of our on-premise software platform – SIX
  2. Continue development of our next generation cloud-based platform

2)      Provide our customers with world-class support and services to ensure their success through our platform:

  1. Continue to improve and refine data management
  2. Build on our Support platform and available resources to assist our customers
  3. Expand our training offerings – both internally and through our partners – to ensure that our customers fully understand and can utilize the power of our solution to improve their bottom line

It feels like we have turned the corner and that things are continuing to pick up for our industry. Now more than ever it is critical to have a structured process in place in order to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they happen.

Our motivation to continue to push the envelope when it comes to data, project workflow and better management and reporting capabilities is really geared for us to be able to help our customers take advantage of every single opportunity and get back to growth as the economy continues to improve.

We look forward to helping to make2012 a year of accomplishment, success, and unprecedented growth for our clients, our partners, and the industry.