I was a fan of the A-Team when I was younger, and I actually had the opportunity to meet some of the cast members when I was working for TV 20 in San Francisco back in the late 80s. They came into the studio to shoot some promos and I got to spend some time with Dirk Benedict (Face) and met the late George Peppard (Hannibal Smith). They were true professionals, and even though the show was by then in syndication, they were promoting it to local networks throughout the country.

Every episode had the same basic formula – someone would come to the A-Team for help, they would figure out how to get the bad guys, usually by creating some outlandish, fictitious company or scheme that would eventually lure the bad guys into making a mistake or wrong move. The A-Team would usually get caught about mid-way through the episode and held hostage somewhere where they would have to weld their way out of trouble. They would make weapons out of potatoes and bamboo sticks and somehow manage to escape, find a cadre of real military grade weapons, empty virtually every round, blow up every building, and the bad guys would be caught and no one would ever get shot and killed.

OK – you have probably guessed that I am going to now try and tie the A-Team AND the SF Giants to our approach to our careers. Not yet. Although come to think of it I can see some similarities between Brian Wilson and Hannibal Smith – with a little Mr. T thrown in. The way this season unfolded and ended was scripted almost like an A-Team episode. A ragtag bunch of misfits and characters coming together, coming back from being over 6 games out of first  in August and pulling off an incredible postseason to finish as World Series Champions.

I am always looking for an edge, an extra level of motivation when it comes to my job – it helps me stay focused and more productive, and I like to set goals for our team that pushes us, makes us reach, and benefit when we succeed. In other words, a game plan. Based on the personnel, the situation, and with a clear desired outcome. The Giants had such a plan, executed it beautifully, and kept us all engaged, invested, and ultimately satisfied with the end result. As Hanibal would say at the end of every episode, “I love it when a plan comes together.”