55_logo-150x1291As our CTO, Corey Krehel mentioned in this post http://www.d-toolsblog.com/d-tools-news/si55-sp1-release/ SP1 to SI5.5 will be released to current users on September 28th.

The SP1 release for SI5.5 has two components to it: an update to your Server, and an update to your Client.  Do not proceed to upgrade to SP1 until you have access to your server to complete the update.

Before running your SI5.5 SP1 update, it is HIGHLY recommended you make a backup of your current data.  To do this, open the SI5.5 Administration Console on the machine running your SI5.5 Server Components and select Manage->Database:






Click the “Backup Server” button and follow the instructions concerning making sure all projects are checked in and all users are logged off, (seriously this is important):









Once the backup is complete, go ahead and upgrade your SI5.5 Server Components to SP1 following the instructions below.

When the update is available, you will first need to run a small Updates Utility followed by the actual SP1 install.

Step 1:  When the update becomes live, users will be notified of an update available for SI5.5  You can check for this by going to Start->All Programs->D-Tools->Check for Server Updates.









The Software Update Utility will be downloaded and installed, click Finish at this point.










Step 2: After you click the Finish button you will see these instructions for completing the SP1 update which consists of running the “Check for Server Updates” function again:









Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions for the SP1 update.

Once your Server machine has been updated, repeat Steps 1-3 above on each on of your Client machines.  The only difference on the Client machines is that you will use the “Check for Updates” function vs. the “Check for Server Updates” function.