The new Universal Dimension shape works on all sides of an object you want to measure and works with all measurement units.  In addition there are now up to 0.0000 user defined levels of precision.  The previous dimension shapes required a separate shape for each side of an object and did not work well at metric measurement units.

8-22-2013 10-44-36 AM.jpg

How to use the Universal Dimension Shape

Drag on to the drawing page and attach the extents to a shape you want to measure.  Explore the Shape Data UI and Right Click menu to set options.  Use the control handle or the right-click Set Dimension commands to set the shape to the proper alignment.  The default measurement unit settings are set to Auto (page units).  This means that whatever the page is set to the shape will assume those properties.  The default precision unit is set to 0.0.  Both can be easily changed.

This new shape will be available later on this week via automatic update.  You can find it in the DT Annotations stencil.