What a flake.  I just realized that my last post was over four months ago.  Sorry.  We bought a CRM software package to replace NetSuite about 18 months ago, spent a small fortune converting the data, implementing and customizing to our needs.  We started using it around the first of the year.  Sometime around February I realized what a total piece of shit this CRM package was.  After a number of agitated emails to the owner/developer of the software I decided that we had to abandon the investment and find something else.

A CRM system is very important to us and is integral to our day to day operations and survival.  Each day that we used the previous version was costing us money.  I had to get the company back on track. 

Most of Feb and March were spent trying to find another CRM alternative.  Once we decided on the proper product I took over the conversion, implementation and customization.  We went live May 1st.  I spent most of May training and fine tuning and 45 days into the new system we can already see the positive results. 

Anyway, that is what I have been doing the past months.  The nice thing business process automation is that once you do it right you don’t really have to do it anymore.  The process just keeps on repeating.  I will share my experiences on this and other processes with my new series CRM Wars

Stay tuned.