So what is this J-STD-710 thing you may be wondering?  Officially it is called the J-STD-710 Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard.  This standard was created by members of the CEA/CEDIA/INFOCOMM R10WG7 Residential Systems Documentation Working Group.  More info on this working group can be found here.

This standard consists of nine categories of CAD symbols that we have broken down to nine separate Visio stencils.   The authors of this standard have done an amazing job of specifying not only the graphics for each symbol but also the mount type and device options for each specific symbol.  I have studied symbol standard documents from a number of sources and professionally speaking this is the best I have seen.

The nine categories are:

  1. Audio Video
  2. Communications
  3. Control
  4. Electrical
  5. Electronic Safety and Security
  6. Furnishings
  7. Generic
  8. HVAC
  9. Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Each category/stencil contains shapes that share the following Shape Data UI features:



  • Drop down menu for mount type where the abbreviation of the mount type shows up in the upper right of the symbol
  • Drop down menu for specific Device Options for specific symbols
  • 21 custom fill colors
  • 21 custom line colors
  • Customizable internal symbol text (CID)
  • Customizeable Note text
  • Show/Hide options for Manufacturer and Model, Location, Component ID, Leader Line fields.
  • Smart Rotate Text option
  • Resize freely (stretchable) option
  • Pre-populated Legends for each category

These new stencils should be available for download in the next day or so .   You can access these any any of our other stencil updates by clicking on the Download Stencil update link in the SIX toolbar in Visio.  More detailed information on these new shapes can be found on our documentation wiki here.  Comments welcome.