A customer requested a motorized window shade shape this week, specifically a Lutron Sivoia Shade.  After taking a close look at the specifications I saw that it was not that much different than our current motorized shape found in the Screens stencil.  This shape will render with the viewing dimensions of the screen and there are right click options for adjusting the frame and box sides as well as the screen drop and screen fill.

What I did to make this more shade like and less screen like was to make the box edges line up with the screen.  I made the screen “fabric” slightly transparent so you could put it in front a CAD drawn elevation and modified the right click to just adjust the box height.  The user can choose any color fill they want.  The fabric area will automatically scale with the dimensions and the user can adjust the box height with the right click menu.

Here is the motor shade shape front of a decorative window.

I also created a plan shape that scales at the width of the screen so you can easily place on the floor plan.  If you want these or have any other shape requests hit me up on the D-Tools Facebook page.