old_new_webI just received the email below from Steve Collard, the D-Tools CFO/COO regarding the phased roll-out plans of SI 5.5.  This is only interesting because we already rolled out 5.5 earlier in the month and then realized there was a critical bug affecting international users and had to pull it.

The old D-Tools would have swept this issue under the rug and would have stoically moved forward as if nothing had happened.  The new D-Tools was willing to accept some egg on face and publicly admit we screwed up.  More importantly we not only fixed the specific problem but our development team spent the past couple of weeks crafting a platform that would allow a specific number of our users to upgrade at once ensuring that future upgrades will go smoother for all parties.


We are now fully rolling on our phased roll out of SI5.5. We have a really cool new system in place that allows us to control the number of companies who can upgrade each day. This process is now live and it works great (thanks devo team!). I have added about 350 accounts into this process and scheduled them out for the next three weeks. Emails have been sent to all these accounts letting them know the date they will be able to upgrade using the built in “check for updates” tool inside our software.  Once customers have this ability the process seems to be running very smoothly and we have not seen any problems so far.

Steve Collard