I found this profile on one of my old blogs.  I thought it was still appropriate because I am still pursuing business process automation as my main role at D-Tools.  In the software business it is all about the people and whatever I can do to make their time as productive as possible is in the best interest of the company. 

I was thinking about my career and even in the late 80’s as the owner of a big dish satellite company I was automating processes.  During the boom times we would install 40 to 60 dishes a month.  It became apparent that in the face of a fixed labor pool the only option was going to be to make each person more efficient if we wanted to get paid.

I think we had three installation crews at the time.  Before I understood business automation they would all show up at once in the morning and Chinese fire drill trying to get out the door.  The first thing I did was stagger the crew arrival times by 20 minutes.  Next I had cheap shop labor build each satellite dish and mount in the shop so they could be transported in a couple pieces instead of a kit to be assembled on site.  In addition each project was staged at the warehouse including all paperwork.  The final step was to invest in $50.00/bucket QuickCrete fast setting cement.  With the QuickCrete mixed with reg cement we could set the post and mount the dish in the same day.  In fact we go so efficient that one crew could do two installs in the same day.

Other than my personal life and hobbies I am all about the system integration and A/V industry. I started in 1981 as a “TV delivery specialist” for the Good Guys a west coast CE chain. From there I started my own big dish satellite installation company which morphed into a home theater installation company in the early 90’s. I got out of the installation business in 1996 and went to work for an electrical contractor as project manager of their residential division where I was exposed to the complexities of old school/analog job costing, estimating, blueprints and project scheduling. Being a long time PC geek and creator of some database driven estimating tools I knew that there had to be a better way to deal with these complex projects. During the course of my employment there I was exposed to Visio as an easy to use drawing tool. After spending some time with it I realized that I could hook it up to a database and automate many of the disparate processes I needed to do to accomplish my tasks. That let to the formation of my current company D-Tools which is the leader in the marketplace with thousands of companies using our design, engineering and business management tools.