bikingHere it is only the second week of January and it seems like Q1 is already flying by. We are putting the finishing touches on SI5.5 and preparing it for final release, we are knee deep in completely re-imagining the d-tools blog, we have the ISE trade show coming up in a couple of weeks, and things are hopping around here.

Add to that the unseasonably warm weather in the bay area and this hardly seems like January. And that’s a good thing, because we are certainly not taking a “wait and see” approach to our business. We are actively moving forward with purpose, and better internal processes in a number of key areas of our business.

If you have spent anytime at all reading this blog, you will see a recurring theme – better efficiency. Our software is based on this concept, and our founder’s passion is for automating manual tasks and improving efficiency. Spend some time in the CRM Wars section of our blog to get an understanding of how we improved our internal sales and marketing processes through Adam’s passion for improvement.

Adam’s current project has been the undertaking of completely updating the architecture/look and feel/and SEO optimzation of the d-tools blog. We are embracing Web 2.0 as a major component of our communication process to our customers, partners, and to the market as a whole, and this is driven from Adam’s passion for technology that actually does improve the quality of life. Adam will be writing about this project in future posts.

Everyone on our team is moving forward with what seems to be the same sense of purpose and yes, optimism for the year ahead. I know, the news is still grim on the business and job front, and we have yet to have the official inauguration of President-elect Obama, but from our perspective we have grown our efficiencies as an organization and we are on the verge of what will soon be one of the most anticipated product releases in the company’s history.

I guess what I am trying to say is we are moving forward full steam ahead with our plans and executing on our long term strategy – but we are working smarter in the process. The current market conditions have provided an almost organic filter to activity – making sure that everyone is focused on the most important – and impactful, and reducing non-critical activities to their proper place. It provides some additional clarity when looking at the day ahead, and for our team at least – keeping us focused on the big picture.

The companies who continue to do this despite the current economic conditions will emerge from this recession in a much stronger position – and we are moving forward.