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If you want music in another room but don’t want the expense and hassle of running speaker wiring to the remote location, then the WA-5030 wireless amplified system is for you! (See figure 1)

The WA-5030 System wirelessly transmits a stereo audio signal from one location to a dedicated wireless stereo 30 watt-per-channel amplifier/ receiver. The amplifier/receiver is then connected to any general purpose loudspeaker and voila! Music in another room—instantly—without complicated, expensive wiring runs.

The system is comprised of two parts:

1. The WA-50-t transmitter, which is a high performance device that broadcasts digital audio over the 2.4 GHz band. Analog input signals are converted to digital format for transmission. The radio frequency broadcast is digital, uncompressed, CD quality data. (See figure 2)

2. The WA-5030-r receiver/amplifier. This small device receives the wireless signal from the WA-50-t and then drives a pair of 8-ohm speakers. It comes with its own remote control so that on-off and volume functions can be performed in the remote location, independent of the main system. (See figure 3)

Best of all, with the WA-5030, the sound is CD-quality, with no interference or delay and easy plug-and play functionality—no software needed!



• Lossless, Uncompressed, CD quality streaming audio network, sample rate 48 kHz.

• Dedicated 2.4 GHz streaming audio network to reduce interference with WiFi networks or other 2.4      GHz devices such as cordless phones and microwaves.

• Simple to set up, plug and play

• Virtually no time delay or data drops

• Range 50 meters; 100 meters if it’s line-of-sight


Up to three WA-5030-r receiver/amplifiers can operate off a single WA-50-t transmitter. Alternately, both the WA-50-t and WA-5030-r receiver are equipped to operate with 3 different Zone settings. Each Zone is unique, so components operating and linked on one Zone will not receive or interfere with other WA components operating on a different Zone. (See figure 4)

Send Full-Bandwidth Stereo—Wirelessly!

You can also send audio program content wirelessly from your computer (PC or Mac) to another set of speakers by using the supplied USB cable and connecting the WA-50-t to your computer and connecting the WA-5030-r to a set of speakers anywhere you wish to hear music. (See figure 5)

Imagine—the Internet radio (or any other computer-based audio program) that you enjoy on your computer, now sent wirelessly to another location in your home!