•           Project information in multiple applications resulting in duplication of efforts
•           Reduce time and costs per project
•           Streamline business processes

Vidacom is a system integration company that specializes in high-end custom audio and video installation primarily for the residential market based out of Chicago, IL.

Best Practices:

•           Manage time more efficiently
•           More accurate tracking of time, materials and labor
•           Combining Proposals and documentation into one process
•           Increased revenue

Vidacom is a Home Automation and Entertainment Systems Company, Specializing in Home Systems Integration, Home Theatre, Multi-Room Music, Lighting Control, Networking, and Telephone/Intercom.

Before the addition of D-Tools, Vidacom’s most significant business challenge was the issue of separate proposals and documentation.  Data input became overwhelming, especially on large jobs, because it had to be entered and tracked in two different places. Vidacom required a solution that would combine these processes into one, so they turned to D-Tools for support. Vidacom selected D-Tools System Integrator software to help them better manage their internal business processes, including proposal generation and system design.

Vidacom began to see immediate advantages as soon as they implemented D-Tools across their business.  The professional looking proposals and detailed documentation helped them win larger projects, which helped them quickly realize a significant ROI on the software. “When I see other folks on message boards discuss the price and other related aspects of the software, I can only say that the software pays for itself. The amount of money we saved on our first project using D-tools was enough to pay for the software,” said David Haddad, Co-owner of Vidacom.

Haddad looked at competitive offerings but found them lacking the complete solution offered by D-Tools.  D-Tools System Integrator was the first system Haddad was comfortable investing in. He felt that D-Tools as a company understood the importance of starting a process from a design perspective, because it reduces the chance of leaving things out and forces all aspects of a project to be accounted for.  This is what Haddad believes to be what differentiates D-Tools from the competition – and gives his business the competitive edge. “I continue to look at competitive products to stay up to date and still haven’t seen any other solution that even comes close,” said Haddad.

Haddad attributes D-Tools as one of the key elements that has kept Vidacom competitive. “We are disciplined in our use of the software and it has paid off for us.  Putting in that upfront work has helped us realize tremendous value.”


Vidacom is experiencing a 50% decrease in project costs as a result of implementing D-Tools SI 4.5 across their business.  Business processes are now completed much quicker which saves Vidacom time as well.  “Because of D-Tools’ powerful reporting features we are able to automatically generate project and business reports – saving us hours and hours of time”, said Haddad.

Additionally Vidacom’s revenue has increased because they are now able to charge for the design creation. “I can meet with a client, show them how the process works as well as the documentation, and the client does not mind paying because they can actually see the value and understand what they are exactly paying for”, Haddad said.  D-Tools has also enabled Vidacom to easily
sub-contract work because projects are accurately documented, so they can be clearly communicated and understood.

“For us, D-Tools is not just a business management tool, because it gives us great documentation – which is the most powerful sales tool in the world. When I meet with clients and show them examples of our documentation, it immediately distances us from our competitors.  We look more professional and it puts us on the same level as the architects and designers, so we are not seen as just the “A/V Guys”.