Update to from Catalog

Changes made to items within a Project does not affect the Catalog, and vice versa. All Projects are protected, which is an important feature because it allows you to keep Project pricing, phase, taxes and more. They will retain the data that was last saved. However, if you need to update an existing Project with data from the Catalog, you can use the Update From function. To update the Catalog with data from an existing Project, use the Update To function. You can update to and from the Catalog on the fly, quickly and easily, saving valuable time.

Update From

Let’s say that the Catalog has just been updated with the new price list and you need to adjust the pricing on items in an existing Project you are working on. Since the Catalog pricing was updated after you had already created the project, items in the project still have the the old pricing. Instead of manually entering data or removing and adding the item into the Project again, you can use the Update From function to pull down data.

Select items in the Project that you want to update, then click the “Update From” button on the Catalog tab. The Update From function has three menu selections: Products, Labor, and Packages. Depending on what you have selected, one or all of these menu selections will be available. However, you can only update one of these at a time.


On the next screen, you will see the items as they exist in the Catalog. Use the “Select All” button to select all the items, or “Deselect All” to uncheck all boxes to make it easier to cherry pick the items you want updated. Only the items that exist in the Catalog will appear on this list.


Click the “Fields” button to select which fields you want to update for the items.


By default, all of the fields will be selected. Use the “Deselect All” button here to make it easier to cherry pick the fields you want updated. When finished, click “Update and Close, and the changes will take effect immediately in the Project.

Update To

First, please note that Users must have Permissions to Create/Modify Products, Labor and Packages to use the Update To function. Otherwise, the Update To menu selections will be grayed out.


At times, there may be a need to update the Catalog with changes you have made to items in a Project. For example, an item in the Project does not have the short description populated so you entered it manually. You can quickly update the short description for that item in the Catalog with the Update To function, instead of going to the Catalog to modify that item. Also, if you create an item “from scratch” in a Project , you can add the item to the Catalog with this function.

Select items in the Project, then click the “Update To” button. The Update To function has the same three menu selections as the Update From function. Also the same is one or all of the menu selections availability depending on what items are selected, and only one of these can be updated at a time.


On the next screen, items that are not in the Catalog will appear first. Here you will see items that were created in the Project that can be added to the Catalog. At the bottom, existing items will display that can have fields updated in the Catalog. What you see on this screen depends on what items are selected. The “Select All”, “Deselect All”, and “Fields” buttons are here also, just like the Update From function. What differs here are the options to “Update new products”, “Update existing products”, or “Mark new products as approved”.


Another option is the ability to choose how to update Accessories. You can “Append new accessories”, “Overwrite all accessories”, or “Ignore accessories”.


There is a Project Setting that can either prompt you to update the Catalog or automatically update the Catalog when edits are made to items in a Project.


In the Project Editor section, you can set the “Update catalog when item editor closed” setting to “Never”, “Prompt”, or “Automatic”. By default, this is set to “Never”. Selecting “Prompt” will display the “Update Products to Catalog” screen every time an item is edited. Selecting “Automatic” will update the Catalog automatically every time an item is edited. This setting should be used with caution, since all changes to items in a Project will automatically update to the Catalog.