Export ButtonDid you know that in SIX you can export the items in a project to a spreadsheet (in .CSV format)? You can use this file to update your project. Also, you could send the file to another user for review. In the Project Editor, on the Tools tab, there are the “Export” and “Update from CSV” buttons. These allow you to export or import a .CSV file in a project.

Project Export_Import


Click the “Export” button to send a few items or the whole project to a spreadsheet in .CSV format. Then select the fields you want to export.

Select Fields to Export

You can send the file to someone else for review or use it to import items into another software program. Also, you can edit the spreadsheet to modify pricing or remove items. Quickly get those changes back into the project by importing the file using the “Update from CSV” function.

Update from CSV

Update from CSV

You can only import items into the project that already exist in that project. This means that you cannot add items to the project via .CSV import. You can only update items, hence the name “Update from CSV”. Items that exist in the project will display in the “Matched” section.

Matched items

Items that do not exist already in the project will display in the “Unmatched” section. When ready to import the file into the project, click the “Update” button and choose “Selected” or “All”.

Update items

You will then be prompted to select the fields you would like to update.

Update Fields

Read more about the Export and Update from CSV functions on the D-Tools Support Site.