update from MI

Update From Mobile Install allows you to pull information from the Mobile Install web application into SI 2015. This feature has been enhanced to help you stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in the field. The latest SI 2015 update added the ability to pull Site Notes and Site Images from Mobile Install into SI 2015.

Site Notes

Update From Mobile Install will pull all Site Notes that are entered in Mobile Install into SI 2015. Previously, this feature was only available in Mobile Install.

Open the Task or Service Order in SI 2015 and click the Site Notes button to review all notes that were entered by the installer.


You can add Site Notes in SI 2015, also. Type your notes in the field and click the Add button.


The notes added here will automatically appear in Mobile Install for the installer to view.


Site Images

The Site Images that are attached in Mobile Install are now pulled into SI 2015 with the Update From Mobile Install button. Just like Site Notes, the Site Images were available only in Mobile Install prior to the latest update.

In SI 2015, click the Site Images button in the Task or Service Order to see the images that the installer added from the job site.



If you are unable to view Site Notes and Site Images in SI 2015 after installing the update, or have questions about these features, please contact the Support Desk.