Mobile Install

Mobile Install has quickly become one of the most popular features of SI 2015. Mobile Install allows Installers to record the work they do for assigned Tasks and Service Orders using a web application, virtually from any device, and have the information reported back to the SI 2015 Scheduling interface. One of the reasons the Mobile Install application has become so endearing is that it allows Installers to track their hours, even when working remotely, and this information is synced to the software seamlessly. Here are the steps, in three bite-size pieces.

Publish the Service Order

In order to track hours in Mobile Install, the Task or Service Order must first be Published. This will make them available in the Mobile Install application. When the Installer logs in, they will see the Dashboard, which summarizes the published Tasks and Service Orders by status.

MI Dashboard

Start the Timer

Let’s say that the Installer is ready to work on a Service Order. The Installer can click on a status or the “Service Orders” menu item on the left side to select the Service Order needed. If the Service Order is assigned to the Installer, they can manually enter hours in My Time by clicking the pencil icon. They can also start the Track Work timer at the top right by clicking the Start Work button. If the Service Order is not assigned to the Installer, the timer will not display.

Track Work timer

While the timer is running, the Installer can click the pause, stop, or reset buttons. When the timer is stopped, the Installer will be prompted to add the hours to the Service Order as Actual Hours.

Add work time

Select “Add”, and the time will be added to the My Time section. The timer will then reset, and subsequent starts and stops of the timer will display a prompt to add hours to the Service Order. All hours will be added to existing hours in the My Time section.

My Time

Then, approve the Service Order. The hours recorded in Mobile Install, and other information such as site items, can be synced the Service Order in SI 2015 only if approved.

Update from Mobile Install

At any time, the work that has been recorded for the Service Order in Mobile Install can be pulled into the Service Order in SI 2015 with the Update From Mobile Install button.


There will be an update confirmation message.


Actual Hours in the Resources tab of the Service Order will be auto-populated with the Actual Hours recorded in Mobile Install.


Actual Hours

For more information about the Mobile Install web application or the Scheduling interface, visit the Support Site.