tannoy1D-Tools MVP member Tannoy contributed this audio solution for for Seattle upscale Health Club/Hotel. Tannoy product data is available at no cost to all D-Tools SI users as part of the D-Tools MVP Program. Read on for more details about this installation.

The gym can be a noisy place. Never mind the sounds of our fellow humans self-inflicted torment, there’s that nagging voice telling you to stop, give up and go home; that you’d be far happier lying on the couch, remote in hand, with a bag chips on your chest, than sweating yourself nauseous in pursuit of rock hard abs…

Luckily, for the 15,000 plus members of the upscale Seattle area Bellevue Health Club, that voice is countered very effectively by the club’s dedicated fitness instructors. Now more than ever thanks to a suite of Tannoy speakers installed throughout the facility during a recent expansion and remodel.

While clarity and reliability, in view of the potential level of ambient noise, were definitely a factor in the choice of Tannoy, so too was a system designed to match The Bellevue Club’s reputation as the premier health and fitness facility in eastern Seattle, as well as the high standard they set with a wide range of cutting edge fitness technology.

“Most of it was an addition,” explains Bellevue’s Senior Systems Administrator, Kyle Martin. Adding roughly 15,000 square feet of workout space to the club, including new Yoga, Kinesis, and Pilates studios, as well as a weight room and cardio area, in which Tannoy technology was used virtually exclusively. “Value was a consideration,” Martin adds, “but not necessarily price, if you know what I mean. We wanted performance.”

Based on that demand Commercial Sound and Video recommended Tannoy technology. “They wanted not only maximum intelligibility, but excellent program performance,” says Commercial’s, Mark Bellesiles. “Quality was really important to them – that was the choice of Tannoy.”

Taking place over the course of January and February 2009, the build incorporated a variety of audio solutions tailored to the needs of each space. In the preexisting build Tannoy locks down the bottom end by way of three VS 10’s in the main aerobics studio and covers an adjacent workout space with surface mount Di5 DCT’s. In the addition, a combination of ceiling mounted CMS 601 and 801 Dual Concentrics, CMS 110 SRP subs, and surface mounted Di5 and Di8 DCT’s provide clarity and reinforcement for a variety of other spaces – including the Yoga, Kinesis and Pilates studios – as well as providing distributed audio throughout a series of rooms used for children’s programs at the club.

Whether the installation is well known, like the Seattle Central Library, or less so, such as a church nearby the Bellevue club, where they re-used pre-existing Tannoy speakers in an update, Commercial Sound and Video’s ongoing mandate is to exceed expectations. While both Scherb and Bellesiles believe the new system and the use of Tannoy Technology resulted in a dramatic improvement at the club, both insist on deferring final judgment to their client.

For his part, Bellevue’s Kyle Martin is unequivocal with his verdict… “Definitely,” he says emphatically, and while he isn’t prepared to offer any specifics about any future renovations – no doubt relieved that the current one is now complete – given Bellevue’s ever-growing popularity, he certainly wouldn’t rule additional expansion out. “There’s always something in the works,” he says, “and we’d be thrilled to use Tannoy again.”