Structured for Growth
by Kevin Mikelonis

Thousands of companies use D-Tools software and purchased it to succeed in the challenging craft of Systems Integration.  Systems Integrators that have put D-Tools SI at the center of their business are serious about growth and profitability.  A High Performance Database of engineered solutions built to match the unique mix of systems your company offers, will build in efficiency at the Sales Design Process which is the very root of success for every Systems Integrator.  Simply stated, efficiency begins with solid design.

Poised for Growth

Growth requires the addition of more staff to your business to handle the increased workload.  Growth requires efficiency so the now larger staff is making more money, not costing more money.  When one person can meet the needs of an entire project, little impact is felt on the bottom line when something goes wrong.  In growth mode, when many people are working on a project the stakes are higher if the project grinds to a halt due to incomplete design or when unproven solutions designed into a project do not work out as expected.  Identifying roles and positions in your company, including future positions to accommodate growth, must be done so that your company may be poised for growth.

Sales, Design, Engineering and Collaboration

When many System Integrators start out, Sales, Design, Engineering and many other roles may be filled by one person.  The goal for most Systems Integrators is to increase activity in each department, which means these roles will need definition so they may be handled by more than one person.  Let’s look at the typical functions of these roles.

–          Builds relationships that generate opportunity
–          Presents a vision
–          Offers a solution
–          Closes the deal
–          Develops the vision
–          Creates the solution
–          Verifies the vision is plausible
–          Ensures the solution will work for the target price

When your success leads to growth and the time comes to put 3 people in the 3 roles previously filled by 1 person, collaboration is in full effect.  A High Performance Database within D-Tools SI will make the move to Sales Design collaboration a smooth and natural step.  What’s more, a project development process that uses D-Tools as its engine and is driven by methods that recognize the 3 roles will put in place a process that makes reassignment of product selection, visual illustration, and schematic engineering to a team collaborative, not combative.

What is a High Performance Database?

A High Performance Database is a collection of products selected by your sales, design, and engineering departments collaboratively to meet the needs of the visions and solutions your company delivers as a System Integrator.  It is built-in core products in each of many categories that are accessorized with selected products which have been proven to work together.  It is packages built on assemblies that follow the construction process for the specific systems your company designs using products that sell well and work well together.  It considers and supports your entire business process.  It controls sales behaviors.    It is package centric.  It is manageable.  It is efficient.  It is a Mini Cooper S, not a Hummer H2.  It is NOT a price list.

Collaborative Project Development

Collaboration is efficient when there is a project development process which allows each member of the team to contribute to development and hand-off the project for work on the next step.  The drag and drop method of project development in D-Tools by Sales inefficiently places Sales right in the middle of the design and engineering roles.  This hinders efficient collaboration and keeps Sales in the wrong role to facilitate growth.  This method is necessary when a database is NOT built on engineered solutions.  A High Performance Database empowers Sales to select engineered solutions in package form from the database, modify the packages to meet the needs of the project vision working in D-Tools TEXT, and do a clean hand-off to Design for further development.  This is efficiency in action, enabling Sales to be active more of the time in building relationships that secure more opportunities.  Design picks up the project and completes the vision through Illustration in D-Tools VISIO or AUTOCAD Line Diagrams and Elevations.  Then a hand-off of the project to Engineering is executed so the design can be completed technically using D-Tools VISIO or AUTOCAD Schematics.  This is collaboration and efficiency working.  Is your D-Tools database and project development process structured for growth?

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