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Next month, Atlantic Technology is going to introduce a new family of ceiling speakers. These new speakers will feature improved sonic performance, higher-quality materials, and a less-conspicuous, trimmer design that blends in better with the room.

We’re going to give you an exclusive ‘sneak peak’ at two of them, right now!

The new models are called the TLC-6.3 and 8.3. “TLC” stands for ‘Trim Look Ceiling,” plus it’s kind of a catchy way to remember the speakers’ name. These are what we call Tri-Mode™  speakers—they can be used in three ways. (Details below.)

The TLC-6.3 and -8.3 are two-way ceiling-mount speakers that combine the very best in stealthy trim-bezel looks and superb high-fidelity sound. Their unique dual voice coil woofers with massive magnet assemblies and dual 1” soft-dome tweeters allow them to be configured for conventional (mono), single-point stereo, or dipole surround operation, providing ideal coverage for every application. With their discreet profile and magnetically-attached grilles, combined with famous Atlantic sound and easy installation, there are no excuses for not having great music and special effects wherever you want them! (See figure 1.)

The TLC-6.3 and -8.3 feature polypropylene woofer cones, rubber surrounds, high-temperature voice coils, advanced computer optimized crossovers, gold-plated heavy-duty connectors, and simple rotating clamp mounting. A rear-mounted dipole/bipole selector and jumpers for conventional or single-point stereo operation round out the feature set of these high-performance speakers. (See figure 2.)

Simply put, these innovative ceiling speakers make it possible to have spectacular sound in almost any room in the home, and they are ideal for delivering superior surround sound effects when room layout or aesthetic considerations preclude mounting conventional rear-channel surround speakers on the walls.


Details of Tri-Mode Operation

 Conventional (Mono) – The dual voice coil woofers and dual 1-inch soft dome tweeters produce superlative sound for standard stereo music reproduction.

Single-Point Stereo – These speakers can be wired to deliver full 2-channel stereo sound from a single loudspeaker, giving you great sound quality with only one unobtrusive trim-bezel grille showing. This is ideal for small spaces like a dressing area/master closet or a small hallway where installing two separate speakers is impractical.

Dipole Surround – The speaker delivers diffuse sound that creates a convincing, three-dimensional surround effect that draws you into the action.

(See figure 3.)