PriceOften times the solution to a problem is right in front of us. Sometimes it’s just a click away or more specifically a right-click away. The same can be said about running Reports in SI 2015. Report parameters offer a bit of customization between reports without diving into the Standard Report Designer. This article will cover two of the frequently asked questions for reports. “How can I hide my item prices?” and “How do I show Labor on my Report?”

Tip 1: Hiding Item Prices.

How to hide the Item Prices on reports is probably one of the most asked questions about Reporting in SI 2015. There are quite a few situations in which you would want to hide your item prices. For example, you want your customer to know what items they are paying for, but not how much they are paying for each item. They will still get a group total for the products and labor, a parameter we will cover later, but no item prices.
Now that we have covered the reason why one would want to hide the items prices, let’s begin talking about how it’s done.
First you want to click on the Report tab in either the Project Explorer or the Project Editor.

Blog Report Tab

Click on the Client button and expand the Proposal report.

blog client

For this example we are going to edit the “By Location” Definition, so right-click “By Location” and select “Edit Report Definition”.

Blog Report def

With the Parameters tab selected, we can see all the available Parameters for this report. Within these Parameter is an option titled “Show Item Price?”


If this parameter is checked the Item’s Price will be printed to the right, however if the parameter is unchecked the space to the left of the product will be blank.

“Show Item Price?” Checked

blog price

“Show Item Price?” Unchecked

Blog no price

The “Show Item Prices?” parameter is helpful for displaying the price of the products within your project; however this parameter will not show the prices of packaged items and accessories. These products get their own parameter “Show Detail Prices”.

blog detail

“Show Detail Prices” will show the prices from packaged item and accessories, if the package or accessories are not set to be summarized.

“Show Detail Prices?” checked

show detail

“Show Detail Prices?” unchecked

no detail

There is a parameter within the Report Definition that controls whether or not the accessories of a product or the items within a package are shown on reports. They are the “Summarize Packages?” and the “Summarize Accessories?” parameters. These Parameters each offer three different options.

blog detail

The “All” option will summarize the accessories attached to a product as well as only print the package name of packages within your project without showing the items inside of the package. The “All” option is good for when you want to include products in your project, but you don’t want your customer to know every small part that may be included.

Summarize — All

sum all

The next option for the “Summarize Accessories?” and “Summarize Packages?” is the “None” option. This option is the best option for when you show all accessories and items within a package. This option is the complete opposite of the “All” option. This option should only be used if you do not want to show the customer what items are part of a package or what items are included as accessories.

Summarize — None

sum none

The “Item” option for “Summarize Packages?” and “Summarize Accessories?” offer more customization. For example, you may want to show that a television includes an HDMI cable, but not show every item within a package. By using the “Item” option you can have your cake and eat it, too.

“Summarize in Client Reports” option for Accessories

item product

“Summarize in Client Reports” option for Packages

item package

Summarize — Item

sum item

A common request is to have a price breakdown per location or per system. The “Show Dynamic group section totals” will have a subtotal of every grouping such location or system. It’s dynamic because the sections will change based on the defined grouping for that report definition.
“Show dynamic group section totals” checked

show dynamic

“Show dynamic group section totals” unchecked

no dynamic

Tip 2: Showing Labor Items.        
While the Project summary will show the total labor amount, it does not have any detail about the Labor Items included in the Project. In this scenario, we want our customer to know exactly what they are paying for in regards to labor. So let’s go to our friend the Report Definitions-Parameters. Within the Report Definitions, there is an option titled “Show Labor Items in report”.


You may notice that even though you have the “Show Labor Items” parameter checked the Proposal Report does not show the Labor prices. The Proposal Report does not show labor prices on products, so we could not have the Products not show labor price, while also having the Labor Items show labor price. It’s all or nothing in regards to labor pricing. In the scenario where the labor item needs to be printed along with their pricing, the Proposal (Install Price) is the go-to report. The Install Price report will display the Labor item price and the install price of the products, which includes labor and product price, in your project.

“Show Labor Items in report?” Proposal Report


“Show Labor Items in report?” Proposal (Install Price) Report


For more information about Report Definitions, please visit our support site.