plotterWe often get asked the question “how do I print my Visio drawings?”. Many users do not have plotters in their offices and often they don’t even have a printer capable of printing 11” x 17” paper (which realistically is about as small as you will want to go for most drawings). Fortunately there are many businesses that will be more than happy to print your drawings for you for a “nominal” fee. The issue comes down to how to get them a usable format.

Most of these print shops do not have Visio installed and I have yet to find one that will be willing to install a Visio Viewer in order to be able to print the file. So, getting the file to PDF format is the logical next step.  In Visio, using the “Save as” option, you can easily save the .VSD file to a .PDF file. Once in PDF format, you can then print to just about any size you choose. The issue though is that there appears to be a bug with this function that can affect some shapes when using a background page in Visio, which is what the default Visio templates in SIX use to display the title frame around each page. See here for an easy work around to this bug.