We just returned from a busy couple of weeks – first we went to InfoComm and previewed version SIX to large number of existing customers and potential customers, and we just returned yesterday from ESX in Nashville – where we introduced our current and future solution to an emerging new segment of security integrators. So far what we’ve shown has been very well received and we are continuing to work on getting everything ready for our fall release.

In between this I asked Seth Enos to put together another video showing some new functionality in SIX – this one centered around updating pricing and other information in the database.

In SIX we will now have the ability to make updates to selected fields in the database as opposed to our current “all or nothing” process – in addition we have introduced the concept of Price Rules – which will give you even more control and functionality around pricing in your catalog. Here is a sneak peek:


The entire D-Tools team is focused on getting SIX ready for release. We will continue to keep you posted on the latest developments and expect another preview video soon.