Report The Reporting interface in SIX is relatively straightforward and flexible. There are changes you can make to proposal reports on the fly without having to create a custom report. These include changing the cover page image, turning report parameters on or off and choosing how your data will display on reports. This article will answer three common questions regarding these functions. 

How Do I Change the Cover Page Image?

The Cover Page image can be changed two ways: per Project and Globally. To change the image on a per Project basis, click the “Cover Page Image” button on the Reports tab in the Project Editor.


This will open the Project Cover Page and Proposal Reports Image form, which gives you the option to assign an image that will be specific to the project. Click the “Add” button to attach the image.

project cover page image form

The image you select will always display on the proposal cover page for this project.

To change the cover page image Globally, assign the image in the Report Settings. Click the “Report Settings” button on the Reports tab (can also be done in the Control Panel), then scroll down to the Graphics section. Next, click the ellipsis on the “Cover page and proposal reports image” setting.

cover page and proposal reports image

Click the “Add” button to attach the image.

default cover page image

The image you select will be the default proposal cover page image.

How Do I Hide Line Item Pricing?

The pricing for line items can be hidden by modifying the Report Definition parameters. Right-click the report definition you are running and select “Edit Report Definition”.

edit report definition

This will open the parameters for the report. Deselect the parameter “Show item prices?”.

report parameters

Pricing for line items will then be hidden.

proposal with no line item pricing

To set these parameters as the default for this Report Definition, select the box “Default Report Criteria”.

default report criteria

How Do I Display the Short Description (instead of Long Description)?

The Report Settings is where you can choose to have the short or long description to display on reports. Scroll down to the Proposals section.

product description

Select the “Use short description only” setting from the drop down.