When running reports, there are filters that can be applied in the “Include Options” section that will filter to Visio. This means the report will only display information for products that exist on the drawing. You can report on data for the Current Drawing Page, Selected Drawing Shapes, and Drawing Pages.These filters can be helpful when you want to run a Pick List report, for example, to provide a list of items for a specific floor plan. Or perhaps, a custom report that serves as a “pull sheet”.

Current Drawing Page

Your drawing may consist of several pages. The Current Drawing Page filter will include only the items that have shapes on the page you are actively viewing. Select this option, then run the report to see products on the active, or current, drawing page.

Selected Drawing Shapes

You can run a report to get display data for a specific set of shapes on a page. Select multiple shapes on the page by holding Ctrl key or click, hold, and drag the mouse across shapes you want to select. Choose the Selected Drawing Shapes, then run the report.

Drawing Pages

This option will show only items that are on the drawing, regardless of what page you are viewing. This is a quick way to see what items you have on the drawing already.

“Pull Sheet” Custom Report Example

A custom “Pull Sheet” report (based on the Pick List report) can be used with Visio drawing filters to display a list of items for a specific drawing, such as a floor plan. The attached custom report displays items by category and the quantity. Pull Sheet.dtr

This report can be modified to display the items grouped by manufacturer, for example. See related: