QB IntegrationSystem integration just got even easier.

SI 2015 boasts some amazing new features, such as the Mobile Install application, and exciting enhancements to the existing AutoCADVisio, and QuickBooks integrations. The QuickBooks integration, in particular, has an easy-to-use interface that helps improve workflow when working with Estimates and Purchase Orders. This integration is even better, now that there is the ability to check the status of purchase orders and check QuickBooks inventory. These features provide information “at-a-glance”, without leaving the SI 2015 interface.

Order Status

Once you have pushed a purchase order to QuickBooks, you can check the status of the items on the purchase order directly from SI 2015. To check the status, open the project in Project Editor. Select the items, go to the QuickBooks tab, and click the Order Status button.

check order status button

The Item Order Status window will display PO Number, Manufacturer, Model, Accounting Item Number, Ordered Quantity and Received Quantity.


The information showing here is pulled from QuickBooks. The ordered quantity is the number of items that were on the purchase order. The received quantity will display only if the purchase order has been marked as received in QuickBooks. This information is helpful when you want to know if items have been received prior to assigning Tasks to installers to begin work.

Check Inventory

At any time, you can check to see how many of an item you have on hand. Select the item(s) and click the Check Inventory button on the QuickBooks tab. This can be done in the Catalog:


And in the Project Editor:


The Check Item Inventory screen will display Manufacturer, Model, Accounting Item Number, Qty on Hand, Qty on PO, Qty on SO (Sales Order), and Error Message.

check inventory form

The information displayed here depends on the status of the items in QuickBooks. The “Qty on Hand” are the items that have been marked as received from a purchase order, the “Qty on PO” are items that are on an open purchase order, and “Qty on SO” are items that are on an open sales order. Error messages will display for items that are not in QuickBooks or other issues such as an item not being of the type Inventory. Check Inventory  works for Inventory items only.

Read more about these and other new features of SI 2015 in the SI 2015 Release Notes. If you are just getting started with the QuickBooks integration, check out the Implementation Guide and video tutorials.