Managing your customer information can be a bit tedious, so it’s always a plus when you can find ways to cut down on the work and speed up processes. In SI 2015, you can assign tax rates per Client, which will be automatically populated when creating projects and service orders for the client.

Assign Tax Rates to the Client

The tax rates that are set up in the Control Panel can be assigned per Client by going to Start -> People -> Manage Clients.


Open the Client, and go to the General tab. Select the “Tax” and “Labor Tax” from the dropdown lists.

Clients General tab

From now on, these rates will be applied to Projects and Service Orders for this Client.

Create a Project

With the Client selected, click the Project button on the menu.


This will open the “New Project Wizard”, which will have the tax rates automatically populated in Step 5.

New Project Wizard

However, the rates can be changed here, if needed.

Create a Service Order

Click the Service Order button while the Client is selected on the list.


Before any items are even added to the Service Order, the tax rates are populated on the Products and Labor screens. Also, the tax rates will populate even if no Project is assigned to the Service Order.

Service Order product screen

If necessary, the tax rates can be updated using the dropdown list.