D-Tools Certified Partner, Process Dealer Services Group has developed an online workshop for building an Engineered Database in SI5.  Process owner Kevin Mikelonis states, “If you want to build efficiency, consistency, and a logical structure into your database that can be understood by all your staff and will maximize all that D-Tools can do, this workshop is for you!”

The workshop includes 4 online sessions, each supported with workbooks that include Pre-Course activities, 2 hours of LIVE online instruction, and Post-Instruction activities.  Included in the workshop is Process DSG’s highly acclaimed STARTER Mastertable for accelerating the databuild process.  “Our purpose in offering this workshop is for each attendee to have an Engineered Database in place after completing the final workshop course in week 4, and not just have the knowledge of how to enter data,” says Kevin.  Workshop attendees may be new to D-Tools, may be transitioning from SI4 to SI5, or may have an existing database in SI5 with active projects.  Building an Engineered Database for SI5 can be done no matter what the current D-Tools use case is within your company.

Workshop Course Summaries
The SETUP course demonstrates the process of completing the Setup section of SI5 software to work with your company’s processes.  Using the Process STARTER Mastertable to build your engineered database in D-Tools Manage My Product Data (MMPD) saves you significant time, ensures consistency, and provides you with dozens of built-in solutions for many of the most requested ‘How do I?’ topics from the D-Tools user community.

The DATABUILD course demonstrates the importance of the relationship between CATEGORY/TYPE and individual ITEMS in the MMPD application of SI5.  Attendees will learn and execute the most efficient and accurate process of loading new items into MMPD as well as how to use the valuable TEMPLATE items included in the Process STARTER Mastertable to add new items to MMPD.

The ACCESSORIZATION course will demonstrate the valuable benefits of linking items with accessory items in MMPD.  The importance of thinking about items in MMPD by CATEGORY and TYPE will be fully leveraged during item accessorization.  Attendees will learn and execute the most efficient and accurate process for consistent item accessorization using the Process Product Accessory Schema.

The PACKAGING course demonstrates the power and efficiency of packages built in MMPD.  Attendees will learn logical naming conventions for development of modular packages derived from the zones list of named systems completed in the Setup Course.  Package settings and options will be demonstrated which improve the behavior and appearance of client proposal reports and accurately convey design intent within the written documents generated by SI5.  Upon completion of this course, attendees will have an Engineered Database in place as well as the knowledge and support to manage the database moving forward.

Workshop Dates and Times
The next workshop series will start February 1st and conclude February 22nd.  Workshops are held from 12-2PM PST.  Registration is $799 and includes the Process STARTER Mastertable, Course Workbooks and one-on-one review of the attendees completed Engineered Database.  Registration for each series is extremely limited.  Additional dates and times are being offered, as currently scheduled workshops fill.  To register for the upcoming workshop click here, or e-mail us at info@processdsg.com.

About Process Dealer Services Group
Our mission is to increase our clients’ profitability by building efficiency into the sales design process – the very root of success in our industry.  To contact Process DSG, call: (805) 275-2308; email: info@processdsg.com; or visit our website: www.processdsg.com