Hello all!
The purpose of this post is to ask for feedback to gauge an interest level for a third consecutive EU/UK 3 Day D-Tools training Event to be held outside London. Before we move forward and schedule the event,We’d like to get a feel for the level of interest. If I hear from 10 people who are interested in attending the event, we’ll schedule it.

If you are interested in learning more about the course opportunity please email me: ryanbrown@medesign.tv.

The MED Regional Training Course Outline we’ll follow is:

Setup & Configuration
Database Entry & Mgmt
Creating a Proposal
Reporting Level 1

Visio Line
Visio Plan
Visio Elevation
Visio Schematics
Visio Customization

Report Customization
Revision Management & Change Orders
Scheduling/Outlook Integration
AutoCAD Interface
Open Forum/Q&A

As a refresher on the value of the course, here are some comments from last year’s group:

• “Just learning the tips and tricks for using Visio has saved me more time/money than the cost of the course.”
• “Excellent course for all but the very highest level users. Ryan is a fantastic presenter/ trainer and is very patient!”
• “I was surprised by the level of content in the course. As a user since version 4 I was expecting to be bored!”
• “The content was not so deep to get lost or left behind, but was deep enough to really understand the software”
• “The presenter was very friendly and patient, he walked us through each step of the process.”
• “There were good tips and help for an experienced user”

I truly hope you will consider attending this course; It is a wonderful opportunity to help to take you and your business to the next level with D-Tools!
Ryan Brown
Media Environment Design
Founding D-Tools Certified Partner
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