New to D-Tools MVP Program and founded in 2003, Pakedge Device & Software was created to meet the demand for high performance home networking products. Before the company was founded, networking products for the home were too compromised, unreliable, and lack the “right” features. Pakedge Device & Software delivers the ultimate wireless and wired networking products for the uncompromising home owner.  Read on to learn about Packedge’s new In-Ceiling wireless Access Points!

Pakedge Device and Software is now shipping its WAP-C3G and WAP-C3N In-Ceiling Wireless Access Points, the second generation of products designed on the company’s patent of an in-ceiling wireless access point (WAP) design. Successor to the Pakedge WAP-C3, the WAP-C3G/N incorporates a number of improvements to offer significantly better performance and flexibility – at a fraction of the WAP-C3 cost.

When the original WAP-C3 was introduced in 2003, it set new standards in the in-ceiling WAP category with features like dual-band 802.11a and 802.11 b/g, 2.4GHz/5.0GHz operation, a power rating of up to 28dBm, support for a variety of security features, and compatibility with IEEE 802.3af PoE standards. The WAP-C3 benefited from the inherent advantages of in-ceiling mounting, including increased wireless range and more reliable operation because of reduced interference from building and construction materials.

Nevertheless, Pakedge recognized the need for improvement, to accommodate the more demanding requirements of today’s custom-installation multisource/multiroom home entertainment systems, smart home networks, security systems and enterprise-class installations. Enter the WAP-C3G/N.

The WAP-C3G/N is easy to install in new construction or as a retrofit. It has an all-new, sleek, circular design that blends into a home décor almost invisibly, compared to the square, larger, bulkier form factor of the WAP-C3. (It’s also easier to cut out a circular mounting hole for the WAP-C3G/N than the square hole required with the WAP-C3.) The WAP-C3G/N comes fully assembled as a single unit, where the WAP-C3 had three components that required specific assembly.

The WAP-C3G/N has a convenient drop-down, hinged main section that enables it to be easily accessed once installed. As part of its patent pending design, the WAP-C3G/N has two mounting-ears that facilitate easy installation, and a cover that provides a clean, finished appearance extending only 5/8″ from the ceiling.

The WAP-C3G/N has all the capabilities of its predecessor, and adds a host of new features. It delivers higher power output, for greater range and more reliable performance. The unit can be powered by a single Cat5/6 cable, which also provides Ethernet connectivity.  Since there’s no need for connection to an electrical outlet, the WAP-C3G/N can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.

The WAP-C3G/N now supports multiple VLANs (virtual local area networks) and multiple SSIDs, enabling a user to segment a wireless network for different devices (for example, A/V system touch panels, computers and gaming systems) to provide the most efficient operation for all network-connected devices.

The WAP-C3G/N can be configured to operate in Wireless, Wireless Access Point (WAP), Wireless Bridge and Wireless Repeater (WDS) modes. It has a more intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) that makes programming easier, and it’s optimized for use with A/V system touch panels and control devices. The WAP-C3G/N offers adjustable power output and range, and unlike the previous model, its country and power output configurability enables it to be used worldwide. Among its many additional features, the WAP-C3G/N supports the latest security standards including WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP, WEP, RADIUS, MAC filtering and SSID Hide.

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