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When your company’s installation vehicles roll out to a job, are the installers there to provide service or just to deliver and install some parts?  If the only items carried on the vehicle are the parts that are on the quote, then you are essentially just a delivery company like UPS or FedEx, not a custom electronic service provider.  A true ‘service’ vehicle will have what you need but also additional parts, supplies and other items that may be needed to complete and add value to the installation.  By showing up to the job completely prepared, you are virtually ensuring that you will be able to complete the job in the estimated time which maximizes efficiency thus maximizing profits.  Being completely prepared includes stocking up-sell accessories such as a better remote control, surge protection for other electronics that may already be installed in the home and cooling products to prevent thermal shutdowns and shortened equipment life.  By carrying these extras on the truck you are not only providing great service to your customers but maximizing profits from each job as well.

As a Custom Electronics Integrator, you face fierce competition at every turn from Best Buy and the Geek Squad, Wal-Mart and Amazon.  Do you think that a customer escapes Best Buy after buying a TV without being shown a $100 HDMI cable and $75 surge protector?  If you look at a TV on Amazon.com they will show you “What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?”  Would you like fries or something to drink with that?  Up-selling and add-ons are huge profit generators for all business types from fast food to electronics.  Don’t miss the opportunity to add to your bottom line!


Since you are the professional with the training and experience, you have to use that to your advantage and maximize your earnings.  Your customers chose you because they trust you and believe in your company, so don’t let them down! Maybe you notice a nice TV in their home that you did not install.  If it is on the wall, chances are that it does not have surge protection.  If you don’t at least offer them surge protection for that TV, you are not only missing out on additional revenue but you are failing your customer.  After you finish installing the customer’s HD DVR, amplifier and receiver in the AV cabinet, you know it is going to get hot in there.  If you don’t offer them a cooling/venting solution, guess what?  You left more money on the table, failed your customer again and may end up losing even more money if you have to return for an ‘under warranty’ service call due to thermal shutdowns. Cooling and ventilation products shouldn’t be thought of as accessories, but rather necessities. It’s an easy sell, great customer service and, best of all, it adds to your bottom line.


Even though people say it is not “all about the money”, it actually is.  Providing your customers with excellent service and a complete solution is not just a great feeling but it also pays dividends.  Keep your installation vehicles stocked with the appropriate upgrades and add-on accessories/necessities to make the most of every job.


Cool Components… keeping your equipment, and bottom line, very cool!


Cool Components Inc., a D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partner, is the leading manufacturer of cooling and ventilation solutions for commercial and residential electronics, equipment racks, cabinets and closets. While offering the most comprehensive line of cooling products in the industry, Cool Components also provides world-class customer service and support.  For more information, visit www.coolcomponents.com.