write2-300pxWith the creation of Mobile Install, delivering information to your installers has become easier the before. You can create Tasks and Service Orders and attach any files necessary for the job. One example would be the Task or Service Order reports. These reports are used to convey detailed information such as Component ID, Item Location, and Serial Number depending on the Report.  In this article we will create a custom Task Detail Report using the Order Report Designer.  This report will have the height, width, and depth of each product. This report can be useful for any situation in which the installer needs to know the exact specifications of all items within the task.

We start by opening the Order Report Designer.  The Order Report Designer is the designer tool used to create custom Task and Service Order reports.

Click Start>Reports>Order Report Designer.


From within the Order Report Designer, click File>New to create a new report.


Select “New Report Based on Existing Reports” and click [Next].


Expand the Task category and select “Task Detail” and click [Next].


Give the Report a name and description and click [Next].


On the next window you can define the orientation and the report margins. Once you have made your changes to the page orientation or margins, click [Next].


On next window, click Save to generate the report.


Now we are going to get rid of the note field as well as a line the note section uses. This will be located in the detail section of the report.


Select and copy the Notes text box in the grpHeader section. This is to make sure the font format is exactly the same.


Paste it in the grpHeader section and position the textbox next to the original “Notes” textbox.


Next we are going to change the text displayed by the Serial Number and the two Notes textboxes.  Select the “Serial No.” textbox within the grpHeader section, on the bottom right of the Order Report Designer will be the Properties section.


Change the Text value from Serial No. to Height.


Repeat same steps for both on the Notes text boxes changing them to Width and Depth, respectively.

Next we will copy the text box holding the serial number data located in the detail section of the report.


Paste the textbox for both Width and Depth and line them up with header textboxes.


Select the serial number data box in the detail section, in the properties the datafield value should currently be Serial Number. We need to change this to Height. Click on the Data explorer Tab at the top. These are the datafields available for this report. Each order report has its own set of datafields that may vary from the others.

All Data Fields for the Task Detail Report.


Select and right-click Height in the Data Explorer. Click “Copy Data Field”.


In the properties section, right-click and paste the value into the “datafield” field.


Repeat the same steps for “Width” and “Depth”.

Once this is finished click File>Publish Report.


Task Detail Report with Specs.