ISC West 2015 is right around the corner! Be sure to visit D-Tools MVP Partners at the show to see their latest solutions.


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Amcrest is a top rated security products manufacturer and distributor delivering cutting-edge surveillance and home automation products to consumers and businesses worldwide. We specialize in professional all-in-one security kits, giving consumers a one-stop solution to their surveillance needs. We use the highest quality hardware for our products and have worked tirelessly to make configuration and everyday management easy by having the most user friendly interface possible. We also build all of our products to have plug-and-play features so that installation is a breeze for anyone regardless of their technical knowledge.

We believe many consumers want true high definition resolution but do not want to incur high costs for rewiring, which can be substantial. We have developed a line of security kits utilizing HD-CVI technology that allow our customers to use pre-existing coax wiring used on old analog systems to send HD transmission. At Amcrest we want our customers to have the highest functionality without having to spend enormous amounts of money, we are committed to making this vision a reality and our initial line does nothing short than achieve that. Our mission is to continue to push the envelope providing excellent value to our customers.

Amcrest Technologies was founded by the same entrepreneurs who founded Foscam Digital Technologies in the US. We have the privilege of servicing hundreds of thousands of customers across the world for their security needs. All of our products ship from within the United States out of our fulfillment center in Houston, TX. We provide 24 – 48 hour shipping from our warehouses, complete after-sales US technical support as well as our US based replacement warranty and return services. For additional information please check out:




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Two-Way Wireless Technology from ELK Products

ELK - two-way-wireless-familyWireless security systems are becoming an increasingly popular option.    They offer a practical solution for new and existing homes and business, requiring less time and complication to install.  That leads to the big question: How can you be sure you are offering a truly secure wireless security solution?  Recent news reports have revealed some shocking vulnerabilities in many conventional wireless products on the market.  These products use decades-old communication methods, leaving the system susceptible to hacking and jamming attacks that could render them completely ineffective.

Fortunately, there is a better way.  Utilizing advanced technology, ELK’s Two-Way Wireless automatically scans and hops across 25 frequency channels making it virtually impossible for an outsider to scan or lock on to the operating frequency. Also, ELK’s Two-Way Wireless has obtained the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing requiring that it detect and report outside jamming attempts.

With bi-directional communication, every signal from each sensor is acknowledged, which increases reliability.  This also allows the sensor to stop transmitting saving battery life! Innovative features simplify installation and save setup time.  LEDs on each device provide visual confirmation of transmission receipt.  Keypad initiated walk test mode eliminates trips up the ladder to test motion detectors.

ELK didn’t stop there.  With ELK’s Sound All™ Smoke Detectors, installers can new meet new fire codes without hardwired sounders.  When a fire alarm is activated, the built-in sounders of all enrolled smoke detectors are activated wirelessly.  ELK’s convenient keyfobs can provide system status at the push of a button, allowing users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering the home or business.

Choose the wireless solution that is more secure, reliable, and innovative, ELK’s Two-Way Wireless!  Learn more at




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ICRealtime - ISC West

Enter the world of immersive surveillance at ISC West 2015.
Find out how our innovative IC720 software technology flips the surveillance landscape on its head and puts the user in the middle of the 360-degree action in 4K brilliance.
Visit us at booth #23005 to see how we are breaking through 2D scene capture and extending the experience beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to the 3rd Dimension360 Degrees with 4K Recording

The ICIP-360L12 powered by IC720 technology is a high performance software platform for capturing an environment.
Review events from inside the action by utilizing our proprietary viewing software that works with your smart device’s built-in sensors and gyros. Explore security footage in a whole new way with infrared night vision and audio. Come see us as ISC West 2015, booth #23005.

 DOWNLOAD THE FREE IC720 APP FROMItunes for Iphone and Ipad

 Visit  for more information on “ALLIE”



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ISC West will be an exciting time for new product launches at the LILIN exhibit booth #26065. LILIN will introduce the NVR L Series Multi-Touch Stand Alone 16 channel recorders designed for use in home automation and for the SMB and SOHO applications where sleek design, performance and quality are important. The new NVR L series feature remote access, web viewing with IOS and Android support and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of hard disk drives. LILIN will also introduce the new NAVIGATOR line of commercial recorders with up to 108 Channels and 144TB onboard storage. NAVIGATOR supports 4K UHD, 120FPS, 60FPS, up to 8MP LILIN brand cameras and select ONVIF Profile S cameras.

LILIN - NVR400LBe sure to stop by the “4K UHD Video Surveillance Big Screen” demonstration to see why so many dealers are moving up to 4K resolution in video installs. 4K UHD offers more pixels per inch providing the enhanced detail used for identification during suspicious activity.

Have a need for more FPS? LILIN presents a new line of 60FPS high frame rate IP Cameras and will also have on display the amazing 120FPS 1080P IP camera which allows excellent low light capability with reduced ghosting effect when using slow shutter mode at night. High frame rate also provides stepping of 120 FPS during playback of high speed applications and is a perfect fit for transportation, railroad crossing, racetracks and other demanding applications.

Be sure to stop by and learn more about license plate recognition and the new IVS edge analytics. The IVS edge analytics feature provides algorithm processing at the camera eliminating many of the false positive alarm events from traditional motion detection offerings. Edge analytics include Advanced Motion, Tripwire. Object Counting, Tampering, Audio, Alarm and Spectrum (varying illumination spectrum for example red lights at intersections) detection built into the new IVS series cameras.

LILIN’s new IP PTZ dome camera line includes a Defog feature which uses an advanced automatic adjustment using built in DSP to enhance images in foggy environments. Be sure to ask about built-in IR illumination.




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Increase your revenue with reliable lighting control by Lutron® 

Lutron - Caseta Product GroupIntroducing Caséta® Wireless – simple, secure and affordable lighting control for every connected home.  With Caséta Wireless your customers can control their lights from anywhere, anytime.

– integrates with leading security systems

– installs in minutes

– mobile app control (via the Lutron app)

– controls Lutron automated shades, Nest and Honeywell thermostats

Visit Lutron at ISC West in Bellini 2003 Meeting Room to attend free trainings, take the Caséta Wireless Challenge, and learn how lighting control can increase your sales.



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Luxul is making the Wireless Roam Seamless! 

Luxul is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated XWC-1000 Wireless Controller – shipping at the end of April 2015!

Luxul-XWC-1000-1One of the biggest pain points in residential AV and home automation is the dreaded wireless roam.  In environments that require multiple wireless access points, mobile clients such as smart phones and tablets do not automatically jump from one access point to another as users move between coverage areas.  These devices are designed to be “sticky”, meaning once they associate with an access point, they remain connected to that access point long after it would have been better off connecting to a closer one with a stronger signal.

The new Luxul Wireless Controller is purpose-built to ensure seamless roaming of mobile client devices within wireless networks of more than one Luxul WAP.  As devices move from one wireless coverage zone to the next coverage zone, the Luxul Wireless Controller will ensure that a smooth and seamless handoff occurs – automatically, without user intervention.  Additionally, the Controller provides centralized management and deployment of up to 16 Luxul access points through an easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface.  All of this at a price that is around 25% of market leading wireless controllers.

The Wireless Controller will be made available exclusively through Luxul Authorized distributors in three product options:

  • XWC-1000 – The stand alone Controller
  • XWS-1310 – The Controller bundled with three XAP-310 access points and 4-Port PoE Switch
  • XWS-2500 – The controller bundled with two XAP-1500’s (PoE injectors included)

The XWC-1000 is compatible with the XAP-310, XAP-1210, XAP-1230, and XAP-1500 and will start shipping at the end of April!

For more information please visit



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Savant App

Savant - iPad_RoomsThe Savant App provides homeowners with an incredible experience that’s unlike anything else in the home automation market. It offers a simple, intuitive interface, and puts more control in the hands of the homeowner than ever before.  Using the app requires the installation of a Savant Host by a professional integrator, but once installed, the app enables homeowners to control their lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, and security from a single interface. Homeowners are offered multiple control options, through a “Rooms” view, or by individual service. It also enables homeowners to create, capture, and schedule scenes, which had previously been possible only through an integrator. Additionally, the Savant App offers secure, cloud-based remote access that allows homeowners to control their system from anywhere.