mergeThe ability to have multiple users work on a project concurrently has been a long time dream for SI users. We currently use project files to store data but will soon be moving all data to SQL tables which will make this more of a reality. However, we do have some functions within SIX that allow you to “merge” multiple project files into one. 

Example 1: You want Tom to handle the A/V System, Dick to handle the Lighting System, and Harry to knock out the CCTV specs.

Create a project file, adding all Locations and Systems.

Clone the project two times, naming each project file appropriately. For this example I opened a can of creativity and named them “Smith A/V”, “Smith Lighting”, and “Smith CCTV”. When cloning, choose the “Import client and contacts…” option:

clone project options

Have each user add all of the equipment/labor to their individual projects.

Open two of the project at the same time. If you have multiple monitors this is easier, but you can also use the split screen function in Windows 7. In this example, I have “Smith A/V” and “Smith Lighting” open and side by side and want to add the contents of “Smith Lighting” to “Smith A/V”. To stay organized, I chose to merge these projects one location at a time. First I select the Location and System in the “Smith A/V” project’s Drop Zone, then select the appropriate items in the “Smith Lighting” project and drag them over to the Add section of the Drop Zone in the “Smith A/V” project (click image to enlarge):

drop zone

The items have now been added to the “Smith A/V” project and assigned to the Den and to the Lighting System:

added products

Repeat for all Locations within the project, then repeat this with the “Smith CCTV” project.


Seth Enos