med-logo-customCertified Partner Media Environment Design has launched 2 new custom add-on products to its suite of customized options for D-Tools Si users.  The products are designed to provide additional functionality for existing Si users.

Optimized Proposal Report

The optimized proposal report provides a comprehensive proposal package with many added features, parameters and the ability to customize the output on the fly without ever using the report designer.  To see a video on this report Click Here

Included features:

  • (4) page header style choices (Solid, Fading Edge, Shadow Edge and Torn Edge)
  • (16) Header Color choices
  • (12) Header Text Color choices
  • Ability to customize Proposal Header text instead of standard ‘Proposal’
    • Ex: System Design, Quotation, Change Order, etc…
  • Select between List & Installed Price for itemized pricing details
  • Choose to Show/ Hide Group pricing subtotals
  • Select from (3) Cover Page Designs
  • Ability to turn the cover page on/off
  • Choose to include the Scope of Work report with the proposal
  • Choose to include the Project Contacts report with the proposal
  • Choose to include a Location Summary at the end of the proposal
  • Choose to include a Zone Summary at the end of the proposal
  • Choose to include the Contract report with the proposal
  • Choose from 2 Project Summary pages (List Price or Installed Price version)

Optimized Visio Wire Shapes

The MED Optimized Wire Shapes are designed to allow for wire formatting to occur automatically and remove the need for users to manually format the colors and line styles for their wires in Visio drawings.  The wire shapes include 42 distinct line styles (14 colors and 3 line styles) each of which can be assigned to a D-Tools ‘Type’ field for wires in your database.  This allows for automatic formatting and streamlined wiring documentation!  No more manual wire formatting!  The wire shapes are completely user customizable and include a training video.

To see a video of these wires in action Click Here

To see more customized options available or to purchase the products above use the links below:

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me by phone or email.

Ryan Brown
Vice President
Media Environment Design
(760) 434-9040