D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software.

The D-Tools MVP program ensures that D-Tools customers get the most up-to-date product specifications available for use in their D-Tools System Integrator projects, making it easier to specify, design, and install world-class systems for their client engagements.

New MVP Members:


James Loudspeaker is a highly regarded domestic loudspeaker manufacturer based in Napa, California.  For 9 years, James has been designing, manufacturing and marketing specialized and very high performance loudspeaker products for the custom home installation market.  Using the latest in material technology and patented designs, James produces a wide range of products including full range in-walls (23 models) superslim on walls (3 models), in ceiling speakers (7 models), hidden woofers (9) models, landscape systems, custom plasma bars, and bookshelf/ floor standing speakers.

James designs all of its products from the ground up, using aircraft aluminum backboxes and baffles for all the full range in walls, in ceiling, and in wall woofers.  Most of the full range products include a patented adjustable crossover network that allows the user to tune the speaker to the room as well as make the systems impervious to over powering.

Some of James unique products include “power pipe” subwoofers for concealed bass indoors, subterranean outdoor subwoofers for high output bass with very little intrusion into the environment,  unique outdoor satellites for distributed sound to match the powerful subs, 1.5″ thick on-wall system, and many more distinctive and patented products. For more information please visit


For many years KIMBER KABLE from has led the performance audio/video cable industry in technology, performance, and precision manufacturing.  On this, our 30th anniversary year, we are more committed than ever to producing products of pre-eminent technical merit and performance.  The very inspiration for our products comes from the installation market.  We know custom; it’s what we do every day.   We have always believed that true innovation comes from small business entrepreneurs,  and D-tools give us a platform to deepen our commitment to the audio / video specialist by lending our expertise and support to such a fantastic tool.  Kimber Kable “Music in Harmony with Science”. For more information please visit

Returning MVP Members:

ba_logo_rt Bay Audio builds elegant, high-performance systems designed to complement your décor. Ira Friedman founded Bay Audio in 1998 with the sole purpose of designing audiophile speaker systems that looked good when integrated into home decor. Ira assembled a group of industry-leading professionals and developed a clear product development strategy: Let’s redefine the word ‘performance’ for speaker systems by designing them to look appropriate within a high-end home. And then, let’s develop a set of measurable sonic standards we can use to codify high-end performance.  You can see how this philosophy translates to reality by looking at our unique products. From the thin and elegant injection-molded aluminum frames of our in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, to our ultra-compact bookshelf monitors, Bay Audio utilizes the most advanced materials and methods for enhanced performance and design.  For more information please visit


Total Protection Solutions offers a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial surge protection products designed to preserve and extend the life of electrical equipment. Homeowners and business owners need to consider downtime, repair and reprogramming costs in addition to the cost of the equipment which is affected or lost due to dirty power and contaminated AC lines. One electrical event causing the loss of HVAC or lighting controls, or loss of a home automation system, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair and reprogram. The TPS system works 24/7 so integrators can rest assured that all of the electrical and electronic equipment installed for their clients will operate at peak performance. For more information please visit


Celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, ULTRALINK/XLO has become the knowledgeable specialists’ first choice for wire, cable, connectivity, and power management products. In a market crowded with undifferentiated, “me-too”, generic products, ULTRALINK/XLO has elevated itself above its competitors with superior engineering and manufacturing that deliver better audio/video performance throughout an entire home entertainment system.

Based in Toronto, Canada and with production, management, and distribution in Ontario, California as well, ULTRALINK/XLO has become an internationally known manufacturer with distribution in over 60 countries. Ultralink is the number one selling brand of premium wire and cable in Canada and among the top few in the United States.

Unlike virtually all competitive products (made in massive, off-shore factories, spitting out miles of generic cable simply stamped with the names and color schemes of many different brands), ULTRALINK continues to be a prime manufacturer, not only manufacturing our own ULTRALINK® and XLO ElectricTM brands but many other competitive brands that you would recognize as well.  For more information please visit